Albert - TV production carbon calculator from BAFTA

Albert - TV production carbon calculator from BAFTA

Born at the BBC, BAFTA albert is a wonderful carbon calculator tool designed (at least initially) for the TV production industry to highlight issues and potential solutions for reducing the carbon footprint of individual shows, and organisations in general, measured over the course of an hour.

We worked closely with the major stakesholders, BAFTA, The BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Talkback THAMES, TwoFour, IMG, Premier League Productions, Microsoft, AMEE, Outsourcery, Shine TV, BSkyB and the lovely guys at SharePoint City to create a brand that was flexible enough to work within the confines of multiple branded shows for multiple broadcasters and deliverable through 3rd party marketing. 

It's lovely to see such teamwork from companies and organisations who normally would have a certain amount of competition against each other. As someone who's sat in on almost every steer group regarding the project, Richard Smith of the BBC and Thea Cole from BAFTA have been inspirational and a credit to the project.

Big thanks for the Albert branding go to Aerian Studios Paul Richardson (follow him @PixelNibbler) who's done an amazing job, and our motion graphics team fo the sting (yet to be released, you can have a sneak peak here)

Also, do check out Alberts new twitter account (@albertCalc). The more noise we can make about this wondeful project, the better. It'll be launced at the Edinburgh Film Festival and we'll be there.. come along and say hi! 


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