Offbeat - A musical animated feature film

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Conceived by Richard Bazley, Phil Chalk, Daniel Noy and Paul Goodenough, Offbeat follows the trail of PICK, a young rebellious Note as he seeks to bring harmony back to a world driven by the beat of it's ruler, the Conductor.

So yes, I've been attached to and working on this fantastic project for a while now (as well as many of the films on the slate here at GBK Hybrid). It's been a particularly complex process in terms of working on the visuals and concepts surround the piece. Striking the balance between something unique which has it's own voice and something that resonates with studios and their wider vision is a balancing act for any feature.

It's been further compounded by the anthropomorphic nature of the world, opening up a pandora's box of possibilities that has seen us go through many rounds of conceptualising and rewriting our proposals.

The good news? We're just about there now. Lizzie Nichols has been drawing up some brilliant landscapes for the world and it's moving quickly now. Here are just a couple of pieces of her work to whet your appetite.

I'll share more when we're able to make them public.

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Offbeat - A musical animated feature film
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