The Chimeran: Military Beast concept art by Ryan Firchau

The Chimeran: Military Beast concept art by Ryan Firchau Image Image Image Image

Ryan and I have been working hard on the designs for the military Chimeran characters for the feature film - The Chimeran ( The difficulty that I laid at his door was believability - I don't want big hairy monsters. It needed to be, and continues to need to be, believable. 

Without ruining the storyline, the military chimeran creation, although only enjoying a very small amount of screen time, is central to an entire strand of storyline that drives forward the act three of the film. 

I briefed Ryan to come up with concepts that looked like a real crossbreed between large aggressive animals of power: tigers, bears, jaguars, lions, gorillas and so forth. We went through a few iterations and wrong turns (see the last two blue creatures) but I'm absolutely blown away and exceptionally pleased with the final design. 

I'll post images of the final maquette when it arrives - as with all of Ryan's work, it's a job to behold.

Check out Ryan's work on The Chimeran

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