Aerian Studios: What's going on?

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At Aerian Studios (, there's been all sorts of changes in the last few years. As most people know, we're one of the fastest growing media agencies in the UK. 

The biggest problem I've had with the company is finding a way to present the company best going forward. Our old branding really wasn't cutting the mustard, and that's my fault - I was just too busy!

So in January, I resigned from my role as Head of Design for Aerian Studios and hired the amazing Paul Richardson (@PixelNibbler) to take my role, which he did with embarrasing ease. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I had far less of an involvement in our rebranding than he did. He was definately the brains behind the rebrand... I guess making me the bum as I was behind him... nice...

I'm sure I don't need to bleat on about the meanings behind the new logo and branding. Suffice to say, our branding is viewed at two sizes - large format (eg home screens through broadcast and cinema) and small format (web footers and mobile devices) and if viewed in each, the experience of the brand should reflect the device - it's something we like to call responsive design.

So anyway, this is me, giving you a quick early glimpse of our as yet unlaunched branding. It'll hit the internet highways in late August with the launch of our new website, motion graphics, showreels and virals. Until then, I'm hoping you can make do with some images.  

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