iPad CSS Parallax and 3d image viewing that just works

iPad CSS Parallax and 3d image viewing that just works Image Image Image Image

So far I've barely blogged about anything webby which is weird when you consider I run a rather lovely digital studio called Aerian Studios... stupid of me I know! Anyway, I just had to highlight the amazing work the team have done recently...

I won't cover every project here, because that would be stupid and we've already got a massive portfolio online at Aerian Studios so go and have a look.

However, I would like to just draw your attention to an insanely cool project we've launched recently - it operates using a parallax scrolling animation method and additionally utilises some rather nifty (and groundbreaking) accelerometer powered 3d image viewing we like to call Tilt-o-vision.

I won't put a video on here, because you should go to the site and see it yourself :) The One Potato project @ Aerian Studios.

Oh, and I designed it :)

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iPad CSS Parallax and 3d image viewing that just works
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