Robot Wars: Concept Art - The Toecutter by Simon Lissaman

Robot Wars: Concept Art - The Toecutter by Simon Lissaman

For those who don't know, I work on a LOT of projects at the same time. Currently, I'm working on three feature films, including the wonderful and Switching Sides, ANNNNNDDDD Robot Wars (yes, THAT Robot Wars). 

It's still very early days in pre-production because The Chimeran and Switching Sides have a natural momentum to them, but in the background, the Robot Wars feature film is coming along nicely. 

We've got a host of talented concept artists working hard, and once my September pitches for The Chimeran are over, I'll be putting this together into a site like (although at present time, this is a holding site, it will be launched soon). 

Until then, I'll post images as they come in.. 

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